Aimee does private coaching on monologues, scene work and voiceover demo preparation, and career consultation. She also offers speech, accent reduction  and voice coaching for the non-actor. Aimee’s background as a body work therapist enables her to quickly help you bring awareness to your body and begin to identify and change unwanted habits-both physically, and in your craft.

In addition to an MFA in acting from Rutgers University, she has trained with the best teachers in New York City: Circle in The Square Conservatory, Terry Schrieber, Michael Howard, Ed Kovens, Bob Krakower, Johnathan Strauss, Judy Bowman, Pat McCorkle and John Howard Swain.

Drawing from her experience as a body work therapist, actress, teacher, casting associate, and years spent working and studying in NYC, Aimee offers a unique perspective into the realities of pursuing acting and voice work in NYC as it is today!

Having worked on both sides of the desk, she has keen insight into the minds of casting directors, and after seeing hundred of pictures and resumes-can help you  put together, edit and design the monologue and/or resume that will work best for you right now!

Call or email for a free consultation!!

“I love working with other actors, whether it’s preparing for auditions, or presenting themselves in the New York market. I help simplify the

challenging process of choosing the right monologues-

I have heard and done hundreds of them-I have a huge library

of pieces. We’ll find one that will best serve you right now

in your career!”

Even if you are inexperienced, new to the city, or to acting,

you can present yourself professionally,

and look like you know what you are doing...

even if you don’t!

Don’t lose jobs for avoidable MISTAKES!!

©2011 Aimee Jolson

All rights reserved



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