Who is Aimee Jolson?

That woman in the mirror with the silly, sultry smile loves puppy dogs, golden tequilas and the Caribbean Sea. Acting professionally since the age of 6, she’s quite comfortable on stage and screen. She is based in New York City, and has an MFA in acting from Rutgers University. "Yes," she is related to  Al Jolson and does a fine rendition of "Sonny Boy." In New York she’s represented by AtlasTalent and The Take One Company. Savvy in business, she has a broadcast accredited home recording studio with full editing capabilities, phone patch, and access to ISDN professional engineering facilities. In addition to dozens of national commercial campaigns, Aimee has narrated almost 100 commercial audiobook titles, in addition to documentary films, PSAs and permanent exhibits in world reknowned museums.

As an actress, her roles are strong, earthy, sexy women with character, moxie, and heart.  An acting and voice coach, Aimee is passionate about people. Past work includes teaching improv at a Brooklyn vocational school, companionship for the elderly and been a state licensed massage therapist for twenty years. A passionate animal person, volunteers with local shelters and animal sanctuaries. She’s also quite serious about plant based diets, dark chocolate, and Emma Goldman. This woman loves to move and has recently taken up Thai kickboxing and surfing.

Empathetic and sometimes wise, she’s a quick study and easy to direct. While down to earth and Californian at heart, she wears a suit well and likes creamy matte lipsticks the most.

In voiceover, with hundreds of recordings, her work is on television, internet, and radio. She records audiobooks with Audible.com, the New York Public Library, the Library of Congress, and commercial publishers such as Harper Collins and Time Warner/Hachette. She’s been heard on NPR, radio stations and phone prompts all over the globe. Her client list includes Ramada Worldwide, Traveler’s Insurance, Time Warner, Tylenol, Continental Airlines, Kodak Film, Disney’s Epcot Center, and Splenda.

Her zodiac is Aquarius. She is a published travel and research writer, a designer of t-shirts and novelty toilet paper (a venture that brought her national media attention), and was once ranked 10th in the USA as a competitive rollerskater. Aimee loves lotus flowers, biographies and Mixed Martial Arts. She wishes for equitable distribution of global resources, an end to factory farming, and has survived being run over by an 11 ton truck.

The woman smiling in the mirror is close to her family and keeps friends for decades. Her parents are doctors in Central Florida and her brother is a leading the charge for hemp legalization in California with CCHI2016.

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